We are social beings who love to love and be loved. Sharing our thoughts and emotions are a necessity. Bottling up our emotions, our ideas, our jokes, our concerns and especially our problems are a recipe for destruction. To be alone and continuously fight off the negativity we experience through life is extremely difficult. The simple process of conversation with someone during a time of need in your life can provide instant relief of some of the pain. 

I know some situations are difficult for us to share. It may be embarrassing for us to share certain things, or it may be frightening to share certain details about a situation we’re in. 

Its easy for us to conversate and share positive information about ourselves because it gives us a sense of pride and gratification. We become eager to conversate about our accomplishments, our victories and our milestones in life. We subconsciously feel that by sharing our positives to others they will have a more impressive image of us. We all seek acceptance and admiration from society. And there is nothing wrong with this. But we also need to be able to share our negatives because those deep and dark emotions need to be brought out in order to relieve some of the pain we bare by holding them in.

Whatever you’re going through in life please don’t try to fight it alone. Always try and think of someone you can talk to. Could be family, friends, Co workers, service providers or even a counselor. And for those of you who feel there is no one you would be comfortable sharing painful things with, 647 299 4574, just message me that you need to talk and I’m all ears! 

I’ve been through alot of ups and downs in my life. And alot of the dark moments I bottled up inside. It eventually allowed anger to dominate my life. I started to speak to a counselor to try and sort through some issues in my life and figure out why I did the things I did. Why I had hatred and anger in my life. Why I had fear. What caused them. Why I did some of the stupid things I did. Just by talking to a complete stranger. Of course he was a professional and had alot of experience and insight that helped me. But the fact that he was a complete stranger didn’t stop me from opening up. Crying in front of him and finally opening the door to a closet full of hurt! It was so relieving to finally talk about things I stored up for years. I only saw him for 6 sessions but that was enough to release so much bottled up emotional pain. 

Sometimes all we need is one conversation. One hug. One phone call asking if we are doing ok. So please just find the courage to talk to someone. Let’s not hold these painful emotions in and allow our selves to unknowingly manifest hate, anger, fear and sadness. 

I try my best to be that key to help open our closets. And the best way I’ve been able to do that is to never pass judgement. Alot of people around me know that I’m far from perfect and therefore I never feel the right to judge. So two things I’m asking of you is to not be judgmental of others situations and also to be that friend for those around you that they can turn to for a conversation. Let’s make efforts to build trusting relationships with each other so emotional pain can be healed. So that those around us can embrace positive vibes. Reduce and even eliminate negative energy in our bodies to be able to live Beautyfuly.

Once again I’ll put myself out there and I’m here if anyone needs to talk. Many of you have supported me through various moments of my life and for that I am truly grateful. Thank you for being that person in my life. I wouldnt be where I am without the role that all of you have played in my life. I know it’s scary to trust and open our closets. Please be dilgant and start slow but please give it a try. Honestly from personal experience sometimes all we need to get the cycle of positivty rolling is a Conversation. 

Love ya and my apologies for not blogging in quite a while. I’m still searching for ways to truly stay beautyful but every time I find another solution I will be on here writing it out to you so that we can all try to reach a continuous cycle of positivty. 

Live Beautyfuly, love Beautyfuly and Stay Beautyful!

8 thoughts on “Conversations

  1. Finally Sujen back at it with a blog!

    A small conversation definitely goes a long way brother! It has definitely helped me in times I was down.

    Looking forward to getting together again to catch up on life.


  2. “Another One” (Dj Khaled voice)

    You have done it again brother. Sujen the great spreads the wise words for all to hear and embrace. Long live the beard.

    This post is bang on. Talking to anyone when in need of some ears, helps out on so many levels. No matter how big or small a problem is or a success, sometimes people just need to be heard and at the same time, some people just like to listen and take in all different perspectives. This post suits you perfectly Suj because since I’ve known you you’ve been both ears and voice, speaking about your ups and downs and giving insight to my ups and downs and also just listening. It’s nice to have a friend like you to talk to who actually listens because some people really don’t. One who speaks and never listens will only be full of themself, and one who listens and never speaks will never be known as their true self. You need to balance both the listening and the speaking orelse it doesn’t work out and you my friend have that down to your soul. Excellent post brother man. I’m always in the mood for a good read so keep them coming.

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    1. Wow brother man. U keep blowing me away with ur responses to the blogs. Love it!!!! Thank u as always for ur kind words. And amazing points u added. Start your own blog man. I’d love to read it. See you Friday my good sir!


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