Thoughts are just thoughts. We allow them to become reality.

We all go through ups and downs on a daily basis. Some days I find myself down and unhappy. Sometimes I will dwell on a thought such as finances and it can become overwhelming because it starts up the train of thought. A negative thought can lead to many more negative thoughts, that eventually leads to a spike in cordisol, which then puts us in a state of stress!

The key is to be able to become aware of the fact that it’s just a thought. I’m not saying we have to ignore it, we just have to crosscheck our thoughts with what our actual reality is. So I use a simple checklist and say, ok yes I need to pay certain bills, but it’s always like that. So I will end up paying those bills somehow, just like I have in the past. Then I remind myself of all my blessings (the necessities in life that we take for granted), I have a home, loved ones, any kind of food that I crave, a bed to sleep and even my eyesight. We lose sight and take for granted all the positives in our life because they are consistent.

By cross checking my negative thoughts with the positive thoughts I am able to come back to reality and realize how great life actually is. Then I sit down and start addressing the problem. In this case it’s finances, so, I make a plan to earn more, save more and figure out where I can cut costs. Then start implementing this plan and eventually my finances will be in a better status so it doesn’t become such an overwhelming negative thought.

We have the power to take control of our lives, but it starts with gaining power of our thoughts. This starts with awareness. So start questioning yourself when you are stuck in thought. Ask yourself questions like, how is this affecting my present moment? Is this the end of my world or is it just another one of life’s obstacles to overcome? Then tell yourself that you are going to make a plan to solve this problem, then make the best of the rest of your day.

I know it sounds easier said than done, but I promise you that with practice, self awareness, self questioning and repetition you can master your thoughts and drive the train instead of being a passenger!

By becoming the conductor as opposed to the passenger you can now drive positive trains of thought. And the beauty of this ability is the fact that just like a negative thought can increase cordisol and spike your stress levels, which in turn brings negative thoughts to reality. You can have positive thoughts, which in turn spike your dopamine and oxytocin levels (chemical and hormonal forms of happiness), resulting in you feeling happy!!!!

So don’t waste all day in your head. Analyze your issues, try to break them down and create a plan to better them. Then remind yourself of all your blessings and drive the train of happiness for a bit before coming back to the present moment in reality and enjoy!!!

A great tip I learned to help stay in the moment is to resort back to our senses. Eg, what we see, smell, hear and touch. Being aware of everything around you allows you to ground yourself and root yourself into the present.

Every day is a blessing, we are only guaranteed death in this life (and taxes,lol). So why not make the most of it?

Nothing but love, chat soon. Stay Beautyful!!!

2 thoughts on “Thoughts

  1. Ahhh there he is…the beard of wisdom knows all!

    Very well said brother man! Playing devil’s advocate here though, it’s like you said, when you have lots of positive things in your life, you tend to get used to it and only think about the negatives, which like you said are just life’s obstacles, and unfortunately the brain, atleast mine, only worries about obstacles because if it were easy street waltzing then the brain wouldn’t focus on how to get around. I do hear what you’re saying and it would be a good philosophy to live by if you can, but I truly believe worrying about certain things keeps us sharp and on point. There’s nothing wrong with a little stress to help keep us motivated and moving to conquer our problems but that being said, if you can’t control the train affect with your thought process then yea you’ll just be stressing over thought after thought. That being said, I 100% agree with being the conductor instead of a passanger because without that idea, you’re most likely never going to, maybe not turn negative to positive, but atleast control what’s in your power to control. Certain things do require laid backness and riding out, which is perfectly fine if you’re happy with the outcomes following, but at the same time, like you said, it’s better to be leading your thoughts instead of following.

    Amazing post bro! Thanks for the brain food.

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