Mission Statement


Everyone of us reach a point in
life where we start questioning our purpose. Why am I here?

We go along life’s road according to what we are taught. Go to school, get a job, get married, buy a house and have kids. But somewhere along that road we can’t help but question our lives. Is this it? Go to work and pay bills? I finally found an answer for myself about a year ago. I came up with a mission statement. This will be my foundation to stand on and gives me guidance as to where I am headed.

My hope is to share this with you and possibly inspire you to think of your mission statement in order to help fulfill the curiosity inside of all of us. Which ultimately gives your life a purpose and a direction to help complete us…..

At the age of 12 I lost my mother who battled cancer for 5 years. She died at the age of 47 and left behind a husband and 2 kids. In that darkness I now can see the light. She left behind something else other than physical beings. She made an impact on so many people’s lives and her funeral showed physical proof of the love she was able to spread.

There was no sitting room or standing room left in the funeral parlour. I still remember a single file line of people paying their respects and had to continue right back out of the funeral home. The room couldn’t hold the number of people that she impacted. That truly shows me her greatness. She was able to affect so many people across 2 countries (from Sri Lanka to Canada).

I reflected on her life, her spirit and her love. It has inspired me and I have decided that if she accomplished such a wonderful life by living with love then I am going to take that and multiply it. With the help of social media as well as day to day interactions I should be able to reach greater heights and affect more people then she ever did.

Therefore my mission statement is as follows: I want to positively affect as many people as possible in my life that even the Air Canada Centre would not be able to host my funeral.

I hope to spread good vibes, smiles, laughter and love. I never want to be Jesus or Ghandi because this society would stomp all over me. But i do want to be real, be honest, be true and leave everyone’s soul feeling full!


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