I wanted to write this blog in addition to my mission statement. Anta is the name I called my aunt. It’s a combination of aunt and momma. She was my mom’s older sister. She also suffered from cancer and passed away last April.

I learned alot from her about love. I spent time with her alone and had discussions about life to gain as much knowledge as I could. I had alot of regrets from my mother’s death because I was too young to understand the situation. So with Anta I made sure to do things differently.

She was just like my mom and affected so many people just by showing love. She always made sure that everyone around was fed and happy. But she showed me a different view on love. She opened my eyes to its greatness. She told me stories of moments where people deeply hurt her but at the end of her days she forgave them and actually prayed for their lives to be filled with happiness. To me that was a revelation because growing up in this society we view the world as cutthroat, revengeful and basically “an eye for an eye”. To conversate with her and realize that a human being was capable of such love was truly inspiring.

I strive to take the lessons she taught me and add it to my repertoire of living good, but I am a believer of balance. I will try to forgive and have patience but again in this society that is a sign of weakness. So to me part of staying beautyful is to spread love but also to love yourself enough to defend yourself against harsh negativity. A huge part of living a positive life is to reduce the intake of negativity either through change or elimination.

I had the honour of speaking on behalf of Anta at her funeral and sharing her words of wisdom affected everyone in the room. Changed the whole atmosphere and was the first funeral I’ve ever seen that people shifted from being somber to feeling love and sharing love with each other. Being a witness to how much she affected people and how her life will always be present in the hearts of those she left behind inspired and motivated me. If a eulogy at a funeral was able to affect people that much then she obviously had the right formula to living love! So thank you Anta for all that you have taught me. And thank you for inspiring me to share this with the world. I love you. May your days in heaven be filled with the same joy that you left behind with us.



6 thoughts on “Anta

  1. You are the epitome of love. That’s all you spread to everyone and it’s extremely contagious. Keep on spreading, it goes on from you to numerous amounts of people. Stay Beautyful!

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  2. Hey man, I just went through all the articles and I really like how you look at the positive aspects of what would regularly be perceived to be “negative”.

    I’m hoping to read more of your material.

    Keep spreading the love bro.


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  3. In a world of negativity and hate, you see the light at the end of the tunnel-the positive vibes that fuel us all to reach our best.

    Spread the good vibes bra’

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