Love the life you live!

Loving yourself is the major component to Staying Beautyful. It is the spark that ignites the whole motor. And part of loving yourself is to love your life.

This song that Evan is singing (love my life – by Demarco) is all about appreciating what we have and to enjoy every minute of it before time runs out on us. And also to celebrate our life. I used to love this song but never happily sang along to it because life was tough and at some points very dark, which made me feel that I couldn’t truthfully sing it and feel it.

The problem I had was that I felt stuck and thought maybe this was just how my life was supposed to be. But after digging down deep with my son as my motivation I decided to make my life something worth loving. Small changes at a time. Music helped me so much. Constantly listening to songs that shared good vibes and beats that gave me energy. Which motivated me to get in better shape by exercising. Which lead to eating better. Etc.

Basically one big dominoe effect. Driven by the fact that I was unhappy with my life and once I reminded myself that I was worth loving I decided to love myself, which I am blessed to say has given me a better life and a life I love. And I will continue to better it by learning more, loving more and eliminating as much negative energy as possible!!!!

If you love your life then I’m so happy for you. If not then start today by thinking about what changes you can make. I’m reminding you that we are all worth love. We are all important human beings. But until you see it for yourself, nothing will happen. Love yourself so that others can see your value and give yourself the ability to fully intake love from others. Love yourself so that you can truly love others! All eventually leading to a huge society that can love their lives and love life itself!


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