The Barber Chair


Over a decade of interactions with clients have allowed me to grow in so many ways. Alot of the knowledge I have gained is simply by hearing the life stories of others. The barber chair has established it’s place as a therapeutic safe haven for my clients to be 100% real and let go of their life problems. I have listened to and shared so many of life’s ups and downs while cutting hair.

I have heard personal stories from murder to erectile dysfunction. Weddings to divorces. Good times and bad. I have watched teenagers become husbands and fathers. School kids become entrepreneurs. All of these lives have grown with me and their stories unfold in the barber chair.

There is truly something mystical about it and I am blessed to have experienced such a knowledgeable growth. I write this blog to give a slight insight as to where alot of my material will be coming from because by sharing my emotions and listening to others emotions while using the barber chair I have been able to put some pieces, from the puzzle of life, together. And knowledge is meant to be shared, thus the reason for these blogs.

Every quote, every paragraph is just an effort to try and share what I’ve learned in hopes that it may help you in the way it has helped me.


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