Living in the now

As a barber I noticed a pattern through my years of interactions. Guys would come in and usually get a haircut because they had an event coming up. I start their haircut and spark a conversation and it would be all about what they were getting ready for. A party on the weekend or a vacation. The majority of the cut would be about what they were going to do. Then they come back after that event to get their haircut and the discussion would be about how that event went.

We all have the tendency to look forward to something. Sometimes we lose track of what we are doing now and focus on something exciting we are going to do. Then when that exciting event is over we look back and recollect all our thoughts on how the event was. But what about enjoying every minute of the time leading up to the event? We usually don’t put much effort on it.

That’s why I try to engage with people and ask how they are doing in life at that moment. I try to read the body language of people to see how they are feeling when they are in my chair. Basically creating conversation that keeps them engaged in the now.

We take the present for granted because it is constant, we can only exist in the present. But yesterday is gone and tomorrow is never guaranteed so we have to shift our focus to today and live each moment fully. When you wake up and the sun is shining take a moment to enjoy it. When u take that first sip of coffee in the morning, fully feel it. When you play your favourite songs in the morning just do a little dance. By cherishing the little things we enjoy all day we can achieve happiness that much easier!

When I’m down and out sometimes I have to check myself. I focus on the present moment. Ask myself what’s my biggest problem. Then weigh that against all the problems I don’t worry about (food, shelter, warmth, companionship etc.) Basically all the necessities that I can easily take for granted. When compared to that, my problem at that moment is not that big after all so I can go back to focusing on the simple things and have a sense of happiness again.

I know sometimes we encounter problems that are not so easy to fix, but by living in the now it can help us stay grounded, help us make smarter decisions, help us have a higher level of happiness and help us stay beautyful!
If you have a new venture you want to start. Do it today! If you have something bringing you down, talk to someone about it today! I beleive we are all built to be great but society throws us curve balls and distraction along our path to divert us from greatness. But stay focused, stay motivated, stay beautyful and let’s get out there and achieve our goals and dreams!

Always be prepared for tomorrow but live for today!


4 thoughts on “Living in the now

  1. Very powerful words brother man. I know I’m guilty of dwelling over past things and letting it bring me down. I get what mean by saying this but sometimes it’s better to look foward at upcoming events, especially if you’ve had a bad day or even a bad week. You should live each moment without only thinking about the future but technically we’re always thinking about it by every move we make and every word we say because as you think, the present is passing and future becomes the present, right? Deep stuff Sujen. I’m sure the moral to the thought is stay beautyful and try to be happy with all aspects of your life, or atleast most. Keep the blogs coming. 👍

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